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Q1.Can I buy a car as a private car buyer?

Yes, but we don't know the law of your country regarding this. We cannot offer advice on the method you use to acquire a car or introduce you to a car dealer. Depending on the country, you may not be able to import some car models. You need to check your country's registration laws before you begin the purchasing process.

Q2.Do you give any warranty for the vehicles?

No, we don't give any warranty, but we disclose any interior/exterior damage, the distance the car has been driven, etc. We report this information in accordance with our vehicle grading system (Inspection Grade) by our inspector after doing general maintenance, so you can understand the condition of the car you are buying.


Q1.How To Make Payment?

We accept all payment via bank wire transfer (T/T) only, at moment. We do not accept any payment by credit card and other mode. So please make wire transfer only in our FZ JAPAN bank account. Please note that all bank transfer charges should be paid by customer.

Q2.Where to send payment?

Please click "BANK DETAILS" on top page.
For further information, please [Contact Us].

Q3.Do you accept Credit Cards?

Credit card payment is currently NOT acceptable.

Q4.Do you deal with foreign currencies?

Currently, you can pay in either Japanese Yen or US Dollar. Once we start accepting payment by credit card, you can pay in Japanese Yen, US$ or Euros etc.

Q5.Do you accept L/C?

No. Currently, we accept payment only by T/T.

Q6.How can I see the prices in my currency?

You can convert Japanese Yen to other currencies at this currency converter http://www.xe.com/ucc/

Q7.What are your payment terms?

Payments must be made in either Japanese yen or US dollar by T/T.
Payments must arrive at our FZ JAPAN bank account within 3 calendar days from the INVOICE date.
If not, your order will be automatically cancelled.

Q8.Do you offer credit?

No, we do not. Your car will be shipped after receipt of your payment is confirmed by our FZ JAPAN bank.


Q1.How much is shipping charge ?

Please calculate shipping charges from our freight calculation system. You can get the rough idea of the freight from Japanese port to your country.
Please note this is for your reference purpose only. You will get the precise shipping charge on our Official Invoice. You can also get quotation/estimate cost of the cars before ordering.

Q2.Can I insure my shipment ?

Yes, your shipment will be insured by FPA (Free from Particular Average covering the risks of Theft, Pilferage, Non-Delivery of the automobile itself), War Risk and SRCC (Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotions) against 110% of CIF Invoice value as per INCOTERMS 2000 except the following two (2) destinations below:-

Q3.Can you ship to my country ?

Yes, we can ship to any country .

Q4.How long does it take to ship ?

It may take about 3 to 5 weeks after car leaves Japanese port depending on the destination. we use best shipping company for destination port as per services.
We have tie-up with different shipping companies for different destination ports.

Q5.What documents we will receive ?

We will send following documents :

  1. Bill of Lading
  2. Invoice
  3. Insurance Policy
  4. Deletion registration (Export Certificate) issued in Japanese language with English information on principal items.
  5. In case of requested by User before the ordering, inspection certificate issued by third party e.g. JAAI will be available at the User's expenses.

You will receive these documents by Express Mail or Courier.

Q6.What does your warranty cover ?

Warranty will cover the following:

Cost of the vehicle if the vessel sinks, catches fire, or destroyed totally during transit Cost of "general average" (i.e. cost of salvation if vessel is rescued before sinking) Cost of any parts stolen, or replacement of any parts stolen, during transit Cost of any damage incurred during transit Warranty is valid whilst the vehicle is on the vessel only. (i.e. Warranty ceases once the vehicle departs from the vessel's gate.) The above accidents do not occur often, however they do occur unexpectedly. Why take the risk of losing your hard earned money ? Warranty will give you peace of mind.